My GSoC Community bonding periods is on, but I've already started the project, Here is my work so far.

Posted 18 May 2020 by Abstrekt

Results were announced on the 4th of may, & I have started working on my project two days later from the 6th of May. The first task in my project list is to revamp the UI of the simulator. The first few days were spent fixing irregularities & finalizing the prototype of the UI. Here are some of those things done for finalizing the design:

  • Created a few basic color themes designs (though this task is due later it was a good idea to just have a basic feel of how the new UI would look in different skins ).
  • Tested the prototype with dark, lite, & a mixed skin.

The current modal which was made before the application submission period needed a lot of fixing to be done. Some of which are:

  • Making every dialog box consistent all over the simulator.
  • Finalizing look of the primary button.
  • Having equal amount of padding & margin accross similar small components.
  • Setting font sizes that meet accessibility standards.
  • Finalizing the box-shadow.
  • Finalizing blur effect for components.
  • Scaling up icons to appropriate sizes
  • & others

Once the design was finalized it was time to actually starting building it. I took a day to think of the best way to implement it & decided not to build everything from scratch & make changes safely to the current UI of the simulator part by part.

I realized the current UI has all the styling set in a single bulk UX.css file, so I decided to implement the SMACSS architecture for organizing & diving the current stylesheet as I move on.

I initiated this PR #1438 with all the files & folder required, I calculated & added all the necessary color variables. I have begun builder from the topmost element & shall go on building it part by part this week.